Our Work

We take pride in working with our customers to develop the best HVAC solution to fit their needs, criteria, and budget.  With our experience, we are able to consult, advise and recommend solutions to fit any industry, vertical, or project size.  Please find some examples of our recent work below:

Project Name:  Mercy Hospital Pharmacy 
  • Location:  Rockville Center, New York
  • Vendor:  Polar Technologies
  • Installing contractor:  Premier Mechanical
  • Engineer:  Bladykas Engineering

Project Requirements:  Hospital required custom DX application with stringent temperature & humidity requirements 

CE Applied Solution
  • Custom 20 Ton Packaged VAV System
  • Features:
    • Supply & Return ECM Fans
    • Variable Speed DX Cooling
    • Modulating Dehumidification
    • SCR Electric Heat
    • Steam Humidification
    • OA / RA / EA Mixing Box
    • CFM Dependent fresh air regulation for building pressure control
    • BAC Connected

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